Block X Capital Corp. QND Analysis

Block X Capital Corp. is an investment issuer seeking investment opportunities in early-stage to mid-level blockchain and emerging technology companies. Block X Capital Corp. leverages its extensive network of operators and global thought leaders to provide investors with unparalleled access to investments that are not normally accessible to the average retail investor. We seek to empower the bold forward-thinking visionaries building the innovative technologies of tomorrow by providing them with the capital necessary to grow. The Block X team is convinced of the transformative power of blockchain technology – and the potential it holds to create value for both investors and society as a whole.

The entire value of BXXX at this point is driven off the potential of Canivate going public in the near term and a long-term play on MineHub (which is years out and largest amounts of capital invested away from being a suitable replacement ERP for mining companies. Internal operations of BXXX has essentially ceased with Management holding multiple other positions in others companies. (Ex. Arni is chairman of Transcanna and his private investment company Nexus). Is it ideal that Block X has fallen into the rear-view mirror? No, but it does allow the company to remain in existence while waiting for their investment plays to develop. Maintaining a low cash burn rate is ideal for a company such as this and if that means nobody is paid to answer the phones then so be it.

If you look through some previous releases BXXX made some ludicrous ivestments in various blockchain companies and have essentially written off everything except the investments shown above. As of June 30, they still have around $300K, to burn until hopefully a significant event in Canivate. It is absurd the most recent private raise in Canivate yielded a valuation of $100M with the company holding an tested IP and zero growops under portfolio but it does show potential in the space. Even if Canivate goes public at 50% that value, it should yield an amount around the current Market Value of BXXX.


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