Want to invest in 5G? The stock to pick.

Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (ERIC)

Keeping this short and sweet.

The largest owner of 5G infrastructure currently in the world is Huawei, yes the company all over the news tied with trade wars and espionage.

On the horizon – an outlaw of Huawei products in the American [North American?] markets.

American telecom companies literally have hundreds of billions budget to roll out 5G infrastructure.

Result – the other two 5G infrastructure companies are Nokia and ERIC [Ticker for simplicity..]

Not only have they been securing some major contracts in the US, but the potential ban of Huawei, and their hundred billion dollars in US infrastructure contracts, will need to be filled. [Keep in mind, US government is not the only contract beefing Huawei, with Australia, Japan, and New Zealand as well.]

Verdict, not only will these companies grow with/or without a Huawei ban, but if there is further spiraling down the rabbit hole of trumps trade disputes expect a massive bump on both of these stocks following a ban, similar to when ZTE was banned.

Now the biggest bump I am giving to ERIC over NOK is that it is more of a financially sound company, with a higher capital budget. Alcatel, should have given NOK a bump but has been somewhat of an integration nightmare. That being said I do own shares in both companies and both will see an upswing in revenues as telecom companies roll out their budgets.


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