Easy and Best way to buy Cryptocurrency in Canada


Have you been deterred from buying crypto because the regulation in Canada makes it next to impossible? I know I was and missed out on some serious winning.

Thanks to the Canadian banks One, being worried you are going to use cryptocurrencies in wallets outside of their control, and thus move valuable deposits out of their reach, and Two, to provide some protection to you from doing something stupid like investing in Dogecoin, it is nearly impossible to buy crypto when in Canada.

Reading all the hype about Coinbase? Sure its a great platform, but good luck getting your Canadian Dollars in there.

The answer is http://www.Bitbuy.ca; here is how easy it i:

  1. Click this link: https://bitbuy.ca/sign-up?c=4585LA0AA [yes this is a referral code, yes you get 20 bucks free in your account for using it]
  2. Sign up: without needing social security, uploading your passport, linking your bank account, or any of the other shady shit 90% of the other sites make you do
  4. Thats right it is that easy. Its the same as sending money to your buddy for the 10 drinks he bought you last night

Bitbuy has a great history and rating. It is highly recommended for both ease and security in Canada.

Only downside is you can only buy the big 6 crypto on their site. This isnt an issue however, download Exodus Wallet and you can transfer there for your hearts desire on the other shady 100 cryptos.


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